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Welcome to is a new website for watch enthusiasts and collectors of special timepieces. Regardless of size, brand, price or calibre: A luxury watch is always something a watch geek will have fun with. If you want to enjoy your watch collection you should know what watches to buy and what watches to better avoid.

Our experienced team has had its hands on multiple watches from all different price ranges, brands, movements and so on. Our watch reviews tell you how good a timepiece really is, what you can expect from it when wearing it everyday and if it will fit your daily needs. All our content on is completely free.

Not only do we provide reviews of sought-after watches. Our watch blog also features several watch related topics like the difference between an automatic and a quartz movement, the history of watchmaking and the proper service and handling of a luxury wristwatch. With all this information you will be able to buy exactly the watch you want.

Our editor’s pick for a great automatic watch

Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB review

104,58 €

Including 19% VAT.
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Watch Reviews and information for you is dedicated to providing real reviews of some of the most affordable und best known automatic and luxury watches on the market. Especially wristwatches by Invicta, Gigandet, Seiko, Hamilton and other brands in this price range are a very good choice for beginners in the world of modern watchmaking. You do not have to be a collector to enjoy some of these great watches!

Our reviewers get their hands on almost every important wristwatch in the entry level price range. If you are looking for an affordable wrist watch you can wear every day, you are exactly at the right place. Check out our detailed watch reviews, get to know the most important watch brands from all over the world or find out which watch really fits your preferences.

What are luxury watches at all?

Every watch fan has to fill the term “luxury watch” with individual life. What is an inexpensive everyday watch for one person can be an almost priceless masterpiece for another. In the watch sector in particular, luxury is only secondarily defined by price – the emotions behind a watch and the brand, as well as the feeling of wearing the watch on the wrist are much more important.

Basically not a single watch presented on our portal can be called boring. Whether it is an automatic movement, a special story or a unique design: every wristwatch is luxurious in its own very unique way. Our luxury watch portal shows the whole world of luxurious timepieces, prepared for watch enthusiasts and fans without prior knowledge and with a healthy dose of passion.