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Our watch blog features information from all corners of the watchmaking world. How does a mechanical wristwatch work? What is better, automatic or quartz movement? What manufacturer is best for my preferences and needs? Our watch blog shows interesting facts and astonishing news – carefully curated by our editors and writers.

How To: Buying watches as an investment

Anyone who is familiar with the topic of watch collecting sooner or later ends up with a simple question: Can watches also be bought as a financial investment or as an alternative investment? The clear answer to this is: yes! However, it depends a lot on which watch you buy, how long you can wait […]

Everything you need to know about water resistance

The water resistance of a wristwatch is very important, especially for diving watches. Not because you often go diving with it – but rather because you could. The water resistance of a timepiece can also be a great advantage in everyday life. Whether showering, swimming, bathing or really diving – a very waterproof watch helps […]

Are Rolex watches really a good investement?

Luxury watches, especially Rolex watches, have been bought as investments across Europe for several months – and on a large scale. For many years now, the interest rate markets have barely offered any noteworthy income. Anyone who puts their money in a savings account or a fixed-term deposit account cannot even compensate for the decline […]

These companies basically own the watch market

Before the quartz crisis there were over 2,000 watch brands and manufacturers in Switzerland alone. For the most part, these did not consist of factories, but of manufacturers who bought movements from other manufacturers and sometimes made their own cases and dials. Numerous watch brands were also based in Germany, especially modern Eastern Germany. After […]