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Watch Equipment

watch equipment

watch equipment

Watch collectors and enthusiasts tend to spend a lot of money on watch related stuff. That includes not just the watches themselves but also especially straps, bracelets, watch winders, watch boxes and tools. First and foremost: There is basically no need for a lot of equipment if you just want to wear a cool watch. Many watch fans like to keep their watches on track by themselves though.

Not every piece of watch equipment is necessary – but a lot of it is highly recommended. Especially for complicated watches with an annual or a perpetual calendar, a watch winder can be very helpful. Also one or two replacement straps / bracelets can make a huge difference regarding the appearance of your wristwatch. A new strap changes the whole character of a watch just by its look or material.

But what kind of equipment is really needed? What brands are recommendable and where should you buy your straps, tools other equipment? Our editors have accumulated the most important information about watch equipment on this page, regardless of your state of information.

Watch Winder

A watch winder is an important piece of equipment for larger collections. Everyone has his or her own favorite watch – other watches tend to sit around for quite a long time sometimes. A watch winder spins the watch around its angle and keeps it running. That way you do not have to wind the watch by hand if you want to wear it and set the time again. Especially calendar watches profit off of the use of a watch winder. Even high quality models are quite affordable with prices of around 50 to 100 €.

Watchmaking Tools

There are a lot of tasks that usually come with the hobby of watch collecting. Whether it is changing the battery of a quartz watch, changing the strap oder bracelet oder opening the case to perform a small repair: If you want to keep your watches in good shape you better have the right tools for that. Special watchmaking tools are not expensive and should be available in every watch collectors household.

Straps & Bracelets

Straps or bracelets are technically no kind of necessary equipment for your watch collection. But there are a lot of watches that can be worn on a leather strap or a metal bracelet – and the character of a watch is defined heavily by the strap attached to it. If you want a little bit of change on your wrist and want to step up your wirst game, just try some new straps and bracelets! The changing is easy and the results will definitely surprise you.